‘Piracy’ internet site gives NFT artwork as unfastened downloads

An Australian artist and programmer has created a internet site that says to permit human beings down load “each NFT” at the Ethereum blockchain in a single go.

NFTs are virtual tokens that proponents say can show possession of virtual items – which include paintings.

Many have offered for loads of lots of dollars, despite the fact that each person can view the connected paintings.

Geoffrey Huntley, who created the NFT Bay “piracy” internet site, stated he desired to reveal human beings what they have been buying.

As mentioned through the tech information web website online Motherboard, Mr Huntley’s internet site is modelled after the Pirate Bay, a famous software program and film piracy internet site.

The NFT Bay purports to offer “all NFTs from Ethereum and Solana” –  cryptocurrency networks – in a whopping 17 terabyte (TB) file.

Critics of NFTs factor out that each person can get admission to, down load and replica the virtual paintings connected to the “token of possession”.

“NFT artwork proper now’s not anything extra then instructions on the way to get admission to or down load an picture. The picture isn’t always saved at the blockchain,” stated Mr Huntley.

However, proponents of cryptocurrency say proudly owning the NFT contains clout and bragging rights – and that honestly proper-clicking and saving an picture isn’t always the same.

While the NFT Bay down load incorporates pictures of NFT paintings, it does now no longer include any of the virtual tokens that “show possession”.

Mr Huntley hopes the internet site means “destiny generations can take a look at this generation’s tulip mania” – a connection with one of the maximum well-known examples of a monetary bubble.

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