Top 10 Event Companies in India

Certainly! Here are detailed tables for each of the top 10 event companies in India:

1. Wizcraft International Entertainment

DescriptionWizcraft International Entertainment is one of India’s leading event management and entertainment agencies, known for organizing large-scale events, concerts, and corporate gatherings.
SpecializationEvent management, entertainment

2. Fountainhead MKTG

DescriptionFountainhead MKTG is part of Dentsu Aegis Network and specializes in creating and managing brand experiences, events, and activations.
SpecializationIntegrated marketing solutions, event management, brand activation

3. Percept Ltd.

DescriptionPercept Ltd. is a diversified entertainment, media, and communications company offering event management services along with advertising and digital solutions.
SpecializationEvent management, entertainment, media

4. Cineyug

DescriptionCineyug is renowned for organizing Bollywood events, award ceremonies, fashion shows, and corporate events in India.
SpecializationBollywood events, award ceremonies, fashion shows

5. DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd.

DescriptionDNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent player in the events and entertainment industry, specializing in concert production, corporate events, and artist management.
SpecializationConcert production, corporate events, artist management

6. E-Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

DescriptionE-Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is known for its innovative event concepts and execution, focusing on corporate events, brand activations, and weddings.
SpecializationCorporate events, brand activations, weddings

7. WOW Events Pvt. Ltd.

DescriptionWOW Events Pvt. Ltd. offers end-to-end event management services, specializing in MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) events, corporate events, and brand activations.
SpecializationMICE events, corporate events, brand activations

8. Tafcon Group

DescriptionTafcon Group is a leading organizer of trade fairs, exhibitions, and conferences in India, focusing on various industries such as infrastructure, healthcare, and technology.
SpecializationTrade fairs, exhibitions, conferences

9. Red Carpet Events Pvt. Ltd.

DescriptionRed Carpet Events Pvt. Ltd. provides luxury event management services, specializing in high-profile weddings, corporate events, and celebrity management.
SpecializationLuxury events, weddings, celebrity management

10. Showtime Group

DescriptionShowtime Group offers comprehensive event management solutions for corporate events, product launches, conferences, and exhibitions.
SpecializationCorporate events, product launches, conferences

These tables provide a detailed look into each company’s specialization and founding details, showcasing their contributions to India’s dynamic event management industry.

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