Top 20 CleanTech Startups Promoting Sustainability and Green Solutions In India

Top 20 CleanTech Startups Promoting Sustainability and Green Solutions In India

CleanTech startups are at the forefront of the global movement towards sustainability and environmental conservation. These innovative companies are developing groundbreaking technologies and solutions to address pressing environmental challenges, reduce carbon emissions, and promote a cleaner, greener future. In this blog, we will explore the top 20 CleanTech startups that are leading the way in promoting sustainability and driving the adoption of green solutions across various industries.


Tesla is synonymous with clean energy and electric vehicles. The company’s cutting-edge electric cars, energy storage solutions, and solar energy systems are driving the transition towards a sustainable energy future.


Enphase Energy specializes in solar microinverter systems that optimize energy production and maximize the efficiency of solar panel installations. Their technology enables homeowners and businesses to harness the power of solar energy effectively.


Limejump is a clean energy technology company that provides advanced energy storage and management solutions. Their platform optimizes energy usage and enables businesses to participate in energy markets, promoting renewable energy integration.

Carbon Clean Solutions

Carbon Clean Solutions is revolutionizing carbon capture technology by developing cost-effective solutions for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS). Their innovative approach helps industries reduce their carbon footprint and combat climate change.

Power Ledger

Power Ledger is a blockchain-based energy trading platform that allows individuals and businesses to trade renewable energy peer-to-peer. Their platform promotes decentralized and sustainable energy systems.

Ecovative Design

Ecovative Design produces eco-friendly packaging and construction materials using mycelium, a natural and renewable material. Their products provide sustainable alternatives to traditional materials like foam and plastic.

Opus 12

Opus 12 is focused on carbon dioxide recycling technology. They have developed a process that converts CO2 emissions into valuable chemicals and fuels, contributing to a circular carbon economy.

BioCarbon Engineering

BioCarbon Engineering combines drone technology and AI to accelerate reforestation efforts. Their drones can plant trees at an unprecedented rate, helping restore ecosystems and combat deforestation.

Sila Nanotechnologies

Sila Nanotechnologies is revolutionizing the battery industry with their advanced materials that improve energy storage and enable longer-lasting, higher-performing batteries for electric vehicles and renewable energy storage.


Gridserve is building sustainable electric vehicle charging infrastructure, including the UK’s first Electric Forecourt. Their network of charging stations supports the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

Modern Meadow

Modern Meadow is pioneering the development of lab-grown leather using biofabrication techniques. Their sustainable and cruelty-free leather alternative has the potential to transform the fashion and materials industries.


ZeroAvia is focused on decarbonizing the aviation industry by developing hydrogen-electric powertrain systems for commercial aircraft. Their technology aims to enable zero-emission flights.

CarbonCure Technologies

CarbonCure Technologies provides a solution for reducing carbon emissions in concrete production. Their technology injects carbon dioxide into concrete, improving its strength while permanently storing carbon.

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is a leader in plant-based meat substitutes. Their innovative products provide sustainable alternatives to traditional meat, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption.


Climeon specializes in converting low-grade heat into clean electricity using their heat power modules. Their technology helps industries and power plants utilize waste heat efficiently.


AgriProtein uses fly larvae to convert organic waste into sustainable insect protein and nutrient-rich fertilizer. Their circular economy solution addresses food waste and contributes to sustainable agriculture.


Heliogen focuses on concentrated solar power technology to generate high-temperature heat for industrial processes. Their innovation has the potential to replace fossil fuels in various manufacturing sectors.


Neste is a renewable fuels and chemicals company that produces renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel. Their products significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote cleaner transportation.


Orsted is a global leader in offshore wind energy. They develop, construct, and operate offshore wind farms, contributing to the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.


Recyclebank is a rewards program that incentivizes and encourages recycling and sustainable behaviors. Their platform promotes waste reduction and recycling initiatives in communities.

These top 20 CleanTech startups are driving innovation and promoting sustainability across various industries. Through their groundbreaking technologies and solutions, they are making significant contributions to the global efforts in combating climate change, reducing carbon emissions, and creating a more sustainable future. Their impact is not only transforming industries but also inspiring individuals and businesses to embrace green solutions and prioritize environmental conservation.

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