How Can You Double Your Business Income This Diwali?

Diwali is the perfect time for your business to thrive and double your income. So how do you plan to proceed? The strategy for running your business well may vary depending on the nature of your job, e.g.whether it is a commercial, manufacturing, or service business. Perhaps you have already prepared for a Diwali explosion by announcing profitable deals and discounts on your product line and having it placed on the website and billboards. But that’s just the traditional style of marketing, look at the other side too. This is the way to go! Since digitalization is omnipresent, it’s important to pick up the pace of e-commerce channels. It’s the best way to stand out in the league and grab attention. You can certainly double your income during Diwali, but there are ways to stimulate growth and expansion. Let’s take a look at how you can easily double your business and happiness this holiday season:

Add to your existing product line.

Diwali as a festival belongs not to one but to all companies. Therefore, even the smallest business has a good chance to grow and develop; make profits. So, just add more products and services to your product range and see how fast it sells out during the Diwali season. The most popular products are lamps, light fixtures, electronics, furniture, gold and silver coins, statues, dried fruits, artificial colors, etc. In fact, all Diwali gifts can be added to the list. The important thing is to research the products that customers will like the most and then come up with an appropriate price. It is best to identify the customer base through market analysis and reach for the products and services that will bring maximum sales. The analysis is based on the age, gender, and buying history of all your customers to plan the marketing.

Expanding into new territories.

What could be more conducive than Diwali, the festival to broaden your horizons? The basic need is to market your products properly and then plan to sell ideas to a new segment of customers. New customers can bring you more business from newer locations especially if it’s a retail business. And since it takes a lot of investment and time, thorough market research is important. Once you open a new business, you can earn money by marketing it through different communication channels. For that, you can take advertising & marketing strategies from Shubindia Ad Works – a full-service advertising agency said Mr. Shubham Jain.

 Target New Customers.

Getting new clients can be extremely difficult as it takes extra effort to plan things ahead. It’s the first step towards advertising your product as per the customer’s age, gender, and location. It is also essential to market them through the right channels at the right time. And especially when you’re selling through the Diwali season, focus on products/services which accentuate peoples’ Diwali celebrations. You can also consider jewellery (including gold, and silver coins) or decorative items which are widely sold during festivals. Then comes the next big thing, financing the expansion. Diwali is a promising opportunity that will help you double your turnover. And a financial deficit should not prevent you from taking advantage of this opportunity. So, it’s best to start with the Diwali marketing plan at the earliest possible.

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