By Each Other’s Side…. Till Eternity is a must-read novel by Sharon Katy 

Sharon Katy is an Indian author, teacher, poet, blogger, and writer who is best known for her romance-related stories. At a very young age, she realized her love for writing. She has grown up penning down her thoughts on many pieces of paper until she realized her love for writing is meant for more than just penning down her thoughts. What began as a dream to make a few people read her blogs written on her personal life experience and driven to get solutions has made her take the leap of faith and publish her debut novella.  

Within weeks of her debut release, she received enormous support and won the ‘thin book thick story’ accredited to her name. What amateur writing could give her knew no bounds. There was no stopping her after that. She then went on to write her anthology. To her threshing debut success, her anthology wasn’t received well by the readers. Without taking a break and not letting that as her downfall, she began writing her third book on her favorite subject of ‘romance’.  

She is regarded as a romance author and has romance flowing through her veins. Although, she hasn’t tasted romance yet the way she would want it but believes that the universe will fall in love with her stubborn romantic heart and bless her with the most romantic partner, someday. Until then she is living her romance in the pages of her books.  

‘By Each Other’s Side…. Till Eternity’ is an ode to the romance that is filled in her heart. The chapters of the book are tiny pieces of the love in her heart that she vows to give to someone that will touch her heart.  

The characters take a notch higher of this overtly heard phrase ‘opposites attract each other’. Almost replacing it with ‘opposites when in love will without doubt rise in it’. This is a hardcore romantic novel like never before. Each one of you is undeniably going to fall in love with the characters and have moments where you will close the book and look around for perspective.  

‘By Each Other’s Side…. Till Eternity’ is a sequel to Sharon’s debut novella ‘He Never Kissed Me… But Kissed MY Soul’. The novel is sure to strike a chord with every reader. It is about two people who found love when they least expected to. It is a story of how two opposites were always meant to be. Fall in love with them as they continue to rise in love. Witness love like never before.  


Anyone who picks it will have at least one glimpse of the journey that talks about theirs. You cannot complete the book without having a bit of you on the journey. Readers will have moments that will make them familiar with themselves, they will see a part of them in the book; as if something from their life has been picked and written. The book will give you both; an adrenaline rush and goosebumps. It is bound to trigger every vein of your body and make you skip a beat or two. ‘By Each Other’s Side.… Till Eternity’ will take you on a journey of love.  


Sharon credits her success to her family who she believes is the sole reason for her survival and they keep her going. She owes it all to her parents, sister, and her nephew. If not for them, she would have never been on this journey that she ventured on. She eases in all her roles in life with panache and grace because of the backing, encouragement, and constant constructive criticism she receives from her near and dear ones, apart from her lovely readers.  

Fall in love with once in lifetime kind of love ‘By Each Other’s Side…. Till Eternity’. Click on the link below to place your orders- 

  Happy Reading and missing your beloved one :>  

Write to the author at [email protected]  

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