Puraskaar- on a movement to give free online Education 

Puraskaar is an organization which aims to impart free online Education to all children of the nation to ensure their overall development. 

The motto of Puraskaar is ‘Kalam se Kalaam tak’ and it focuses on learning and its learners regardless of their age and gender. 

The founder of the Puraskaar organization, Mr Gautam Kumar, is an alumnus of JNU Delhi. He says he got the idea of creating this platform when the whole country was reeling under the pandemic crisis. There was a complete shutdown, and periodical lockdowns were also seen. Moreover, affording Education had become a liability for families as thousands were dealing with financial problems due to job losses, treatments and deaths.  

In such a scenario, the volunteers of Puraskaar dived into motion with a vision to assist and educate those who are willing to swim in the ocean of knowledge. With the help of friends and families, they contacted the needy children and selected good brains across the nation who were voluntarily willing to teach them how to excel. Online tutorials were organized, and connections were developed. Soon with a team of 5 young members, the organization kicked off.  

Now, at the age of 1 year, Puraskaar has more than 100 volunteers and more than 500 students throughout the country who are learning their school subjects from standard 6th to 10th as well as pursuing various courses like foreign languages, art and craft, singing, spoken English, dancing, yoga etc for absolutely free of cost. 

Anshika, a seven years old student of the Japanese language, praises the way her teacher explains and handles all her queries in her online classes. She expresses her sincere thanks to the team members of Puraskaar. 

President of Puraskaar, Nikita Jain, says “You are always welcome to the nurturing environment of Puraskaar. If one wishes to teach or learn here, they can. We have set up a virtual classroom routine, flexible timetable and support on-call system. We provide the students with personal mentorship. Timely tests are conducted to gauge the performance of kids. Also, a number of online events are frequently organized to keep them motivated and interested. This will make their learning hassle-free. Giving someone a confident smile in itself is our fuel. We never charge or pay anybody in the organization.” Puraskaar will open the window of opportunities for those who are eager to leap!  

Everyone has a gift for something, even if it is the gift of being a good friend. “A friend is a gift you give yourself.” “The greatest gift we can give to our country is education, and we believe that everyone has the right to education.” Unfortunately, not everyone has the privilege to get a quality education. So, we at Puraskaar took up the mission to provide a Gift of Education to all. The gift never has a price tag, and the same goes with Puraskaar, it is free for all. There is no restriction on age and gender. – Raunak Pal (Secretary Puraskaar) 

. Radhika Vice President of Puraskaar, is also a college student who says, “I coordinate with our volunteers and see that there is no diversion from our goal”. Jyoti, HOD Languages, is full of positivity and enthusiasm and says she is more than happy volunteering here. She finds Puraskaar’s learning atmosphere to be healthy and friendly. She ensures this and helps solve classroom problems by addressing each student individually. The students’ feedback has been quite motivating as well. Vanshika, an underprivileged student, has a lot to share. She says- “I want to thank Puraskaar family for teaching me, and I have only benefitted from their efforts. I could not afford quality education in my area and when Puraskaar found me, I was eager to study on that platform as I could get easy access to free Education. My teachers have been kind and I love attending Spoken English classes the most.” This organization has battled all lows to reach the position it is in now. Many volunteers praised the management system as they are duly acknowledged for the work they do. 

One can join the organization by registering oneself on www.puraskaar.org