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Raveena’s Tips and Tricks to growing as a blogger on Instagram

There is a huge difference between a good blogger and a great blogger.  A great blogger contains certain characteristics and traits that sets them apart from the rest.  Having these below-mentioned qualities gives a blogger the power to understand what users what, how to create extremely good content, and how to promote it.

1.  Brand Knowledge

Not only is understanding the brand from a concept/fundamental standpoint important, but having real life experiences is essential for any great blogger.  Having real-life experiences allows you to share those experiences, learn from those experiences, build relationships and learn things that are not taught from reading a book. 

2.  Passionate

Great bloggers must be passionate about what they are showing on Instagram.  I truly believe if you are making reels about things you are not interested or knowledgeable in, it will show in your viewers and to your brand  People who are passionate about a topic or brand find it much easier to make content about things that others with similar interests would enjoy.  Long-term, you have to LOVE what you do, so if you are trying to grow your Instagram career  you have to love your industry or else you will fail in the long run.  You may be able to keep things going in the short-term, however at some point you will lose that drive and your Instagram will fail.

3.  Organized

A great blogger should be very well organised.  Especially bloggers who make content for a number of different brands., it will be important to plan and manage your content making schedules.  Like running your own business or planning your week for your full-time job, blogging should be no different.  Brainstorming posting ideas, creating a content shooting schedule and content promotion all need to be organized to maximize your Instagram.

If you fly by the seat of your pants (as many people do) and are disorganized, it will most likely lead to inefficiencies in your blogging.  You can also find yourself so consumed with daily tasks, that your content quality suffers because you are just trying to rush through the content making process to get something out.

4.  Goes Against the Grain

To be a great blogger you need to sometimes go against what everyone else is doing and do something that is away from “the norm”.  Coming up with unique ways to stand out from the crowd is a way that great bloggers get found.  It could be a post, design-related, new way of promotion, unique content delivery, or something that has never been done before in the industry.