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Shape your career with Jaanvi Kaur Makeovers

Makeup is an art. After all, there’s a reason they are called makeup artists. If you’re looking for a career that allows you to go where no one else in the industry has gone before, this might be the right fit. Makeup expands into special effects, bridal, editorial, and even celebrity looks. There is potential to create new movie monsters or make a woman feel special on her big day!

With makeup, you can change the way someone looks and feels, and there’s nothing quite like seeing your artistic creation leave the front door with a smile on their face!

As a makeup artist, I need a unique selling proposition to set me apart from the competition because there are so many other makeup artists out there. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could use as a unique selling proposition?

Below mentioned are some of my USP’s that have helped me to sustain the market and may help you as well;

  1. High-quality Products: I ensure the use of animal-free or cruelty-free products.
  2. Superior CX: I differentiate myself from my competitors by providing personalized and excellent
  3. customer service like offering something extra to my clients
  4. Advanced System: Online appointment booking systems and tech-savvy system updates distinguishes me from the rest of the local salons.

Are you passionate and ready to put in the time to become successful? You’ve got drive. It takes time, effort, and lots of trial and error to become a great makeup artist. Don’t be afraid to take things head on! Makeup artists are known to hustle to get what they want, especially if they are freelancing. Your drive can take you to careers in a variety of places, so start working on your dream now.

Therefore ; we at Jaanvi Kaur Makeovers welcome you to experience the domain of makeup at affordable rates. Turn your passion into a glamourous career with us. Become a Certified Beauty Expert. Get an overall expertise in hair, skin, nail & makeup. Start your own business or work with the biggest brands of the country. Because we at Jaanvi Kaur makeovers not only shape you as a makeup artist but your passion as well.