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Press conference organized by Network Rainbow Media for “I AM WOMEN OF THE YEAR AWARD “ which will held on 8th of March

It has always been said that women are the real architects of society, and women’s progress is a symbol of society’s progress. Society has made great strides in the last decade, and Nari Shakti has made exceptionally outstanding contributions in all walks of life. With their actions and achievements, many women have contributed to the nation and society and have been an inspiration to many others.
“Good work” should always be appreciated, and recognized, it works as a encourage tool to others to serve the nation and society too.
8th March 2022, on the occasion of International Women’s Day, an award show program will going to organized by the network Rainbow Media Company, “I AM WOMEN OF THE YEAR AWARD “ in which more than 50 woman’s working in different fields will be honored by giving awards, The network rainbow media company Managing Director Anjali said that our company is going to Organize an award show to honor woman’s on the occasion of International Women’s Day this year, in which we will honour women from different fields by giving them awards, Anjali further said the category of award is open for all categories like Doctor ,Model ,NGO ,Education Blogger & many more,in view of their work, they will be honored in the program to be held on Women’s Day not just that we will celebrate womanhood by cake cutting & some sessions and with many more activities for women . So registrations are going on,women who wants to nominate herself she can contact the company through their Instagram page or thru given number on their social media page