Top 10 Circular Economy Startups in india

Here’s a detailed overview of ten notable circular economy startups in India that are actively promoting sustainable practices and reducing waste through innovative solutions:

1. ReNew Materials

Description: ReNew Materials focuses on recycling and upcycling plastic waste. They convert post-consumer and industrial plastic waste into high-quality recycled plastic granules. By integrating circular economy principles, ReNew Materials aims to reduce plastic pollution and promote sustainable consumption.

2. Karma Recycling

Description: Karma Recycling operates in the electronics recycling sector. They offer a platform for consumers to sell their old electronic devices, which are refurbished or recycled to extend their lifecycle. This initiative helps reduce electronic waste (e-waste) and promotes resource conservation.

3. Namo E-waste Management Ltd.

Description: Namo E-waste Management specializes in environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of electronic waste (e-waste). They collect electronic devices, dismantle them to recover valuable materials, and ensure proper disposal of hazardous components, contributing to a cleaner environment.

4. Boondh

Description: Boondh focuses on sustainable menstrual hygiene solutions. They produce biodegradable sanitary pads made from natural fibers like bamboo and banana fiber. Boondh promotes menstrual health while reducing plastic waste associated with conventional sanitary products.

5. Go Native

Description: Go Native is a sustainable lifestyle brand offering eco-friendly products such as personal care items, home essentials, and apparel. They emphasize natural materials, ethical production practices, and minimal environmental impact, supporting a circular economy approach in consumer goods.

6. Biomass Controls

Description: Biomass Controls specializes in converting agricultural waste into biochar and bio-oil through pyrolysis technology. They provide sustainable waste management solutions for agricultural residues while generating renewable energy and bio-based products.

7. ReCrafto

Description: ReCrafto upcycles waste materials like wood, metal, and fabric into stylish furniture and home decor items. They promote sustainable living by transforming discarded materials into functional products, contributing to resource conservation and reducing landfill waste.

8. Banyan Nation

Description: Banyan Nation focuses on recycling plastic waste by using advanced technology to produce high-quality recycled plastic pellets. They collaborate with consumer goods companies to integrate recycled plastics into their products, closing the loop in plastic packaging.

9. Saahas Zero Waste

Description: Saahas Zero Waste provides comprehensive waste management solutions with a focus on diverting waste from landfills. They promote segregation at source, composting organic waste, and recycling materials like paper, plastic, and metal, thereby supporting a circular economy model.

10. Hasiru Dala Innovations

Description: Hasiru Dala Innovations empowers waste pickers by integrating them into formal waste management systems. They provide training, equipment, and technology solutions to enhance waste segregation, recycling, and livelihood opportunities, promoting social inclusion and environmental sustainability.

Summary Table:

StartupFocus AreaDescription
ReNew MaterialsPlastic recyclingConverts plastic waste into recycled plastic granules, promoting circular economy principles
Karma RecyclingElectronics recyclingPlatform for selling and recycling old electronic devices, reducing e-waste
Namo E-waste ManagementE-waste recyclingEnvironmentally friendly disposal and recycling of electronic waste, proper hazardous waste management
BoondhSustainable menstrual hygieneProduces biodegradable sanitary pads, reduces plastic waste associated with menstrual products
Go NativeSustainable consumer goodsEco-friendly personal care, home essentials, and apparel made from natural materials
Biomass ControlsAgricultural waste managementConverts agricultural waste into biochar and bio-oil, generating renewable energy
ReCraftoUpcycled furniture and decorUpcycles waste materials into furniture and home decor items, promotes sustainable living
Banyan NationPlastic waste recycling
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